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Supervisors are eligible for Piggyback. 

$18.00per month (CCPOA Member Only)

$34.00 per month (CCPOA Family)

What’s new in Retired Piggyback?

The Trust eliminated the annual Open Enrollment for Piggyback. Now you can enroll anytime throughout the year if you want to sign up for Piggyback.

Because the Trust knows many Retired Members have young families, an orthodontic benefit has been added to the Retired program. There is a one-year wait from the time you enroll in Piggyback until you are covered for this benefit- check with the Trust for limitations.

Piggyback will pay a 50% benefit for orthodontic care with a family lifetime maximum benefit of $1,000*. To be covered, treatment must begin after the waiting period.

*$1,000 Benefit Effective January 1, 2024

What Is It?

Piggyback is a supplemental program provided by the CCPOA Benefit Trust Fund that helps to offset the out-of-pocket expenses incurred from the usage of your Dental, Vision and Hearing Aid programs.

Who Can Apply?

Rank and File; Supervisor; Retired

Plan Highlights

Who’s Eligible for Piggyback?

  • All actively at work, dues-paying CCPOA members and their dependents.
  • All dues-paying members of CCPOA Retired Chapter and their dependents. Employees of the CCPOA or the CCPOA Benefit Trust Fund as well as their dependents.

Vision Care Benefit

Piggyback provides reimbursement for the following expenses:
  • Exam co-pay and material co-pay
  • Frame overage, up to $15 per pair, not to exceed six pairs of frames per family per calendar year
  • Maximum vision benefit per family per calendar year is $300.

For Retirees not enrolled in VSP vision plan, please refer to the Piggyback SPD for coverage allowances.

Dental Benefit

Piggyback pays a portion of the fees your dentist charges, after benefits have been paid by your main dental insurance. The charges submitted for reimbursement must be for services specified in the Summary Program Description (SPD). Dental deductibles are not eligible for reimbursement. The maximum dental benefit per family per calendar year is $2,000.

The CCPOA BTF recommends that you request a pre-authorization for dental service when the treatment plan exceeds $300. Ask your dental office to submit a written proposed treatment plan to the CCPOA BTF for approval.

Orthodontic Care Benefits

Piggyback will pay a 50% benefit for orthodontic care with a family lifetime maximum benefit of $1,000.* There is a one year waiting period for this coverage. To be covered, orthodontic treatment must start after the waiting period.

*$1,000 Benefit Effective January 1, 2024

Hearing Aid Benefit

Provides reimbursement to you for a portion of the charges for a hearing exam and hearing devices on a fee-for-service basis. Piggyback will reimburse fifty percent (50%) of the expenses incurred for the examination and fifty percent (50%) of the expenses incurred for the hearing device(s) once every thirty-six (36) months, with a family maximum of Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00).

The hearing device(s) must be purchased within 90 days of the hearing test in order to qualify for this benefit. Battery replacement, repairs and maintenance of hearing device(s) are not covered benefits.

Pre-Authorization for Piggyback Dental

If your dental work will cost more than $300, ask your dentist to submit the anticipated treatment and charges before work is started. The pre-authorization is prepared by the CCPOA Benefit Trust Fund and returned to your dentist with the amount to be paid by the Program. You will receive a copy of the pre-authorization by mail.

A pre-authorization is an estimate of benefits and not a guarantee of payment.

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