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Disability Benefit Plan

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Supervisors are eligible for Gold Shield
Gold Shield is not available to Retired Members.

Please contact the Trust for assistance with Disability Claims & Forms.


Disability Plan: Application

Upgrade from Silver Shield: Application

What Is Gold Shield?

The CCPOA Disability Benefit Plan is designed to help you with basic living expenses while you are unable to work due to a disability.

Some members may be enrolled in our older program-Silver Shield- which is no longer open to new enrollment.

Learn more about Silver Shield

Gold Shield covers long-term illnesses and injuries caused while on-or-off the job. The plan covers disabilities from a wide range of illness, injury and disease, but there are some exclusions and conditions. For example: a disability that results from mental conditions would not be covered.

Gold Shield Details

Gold Shield covers you both On-the-Job and Off-the-Job.

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  • Off -the-Job: 67% of base pay up to $6,000 per month (whichever is lower)
  • On-the-Job: A minimum benefit of $300* per month in addition to your Industrial Disability Leave (IDL) or Enhanced Industrial Disability Leave (EIDL) payments from the State.

How Does It Coordinate?

Coordinates with income you are eligible to receive under Non- Industrial Disability Insurance (NDI), Catastrophic Time Bank (CTB), Enhanced Non-Industrial Disability Insurance (ENDI), Temporary Disability, Permanent Disability, Sick leave, and any other individual or group disability benefits (for example: disability insurance by Standard or AFLAC) to provide a combined total monthly benefit of up to 67% of your base pay.

The combined Trust benefits will in no event exceed $6,000 per month or be less than $300* per month.

What’s The Elimination Period? After being certified disabled, there is a 30 day “elimination period” for all Gold Shield claims. Gold Shield payouts for qualified claims kick-in after the 30 days has elapsed.

*Minimum monthly benefit of $300 applies to disabilities occurring after January 1, 2018

Premium Waiver Benefit: Once you have been Disabled for a period of 60 consecutive calendar days, and if your Disability is covered under the Plan, your monthly premium for Gold Shield will be waived beginning on the first day of the next following month, and continuing for the period during which you are receiving benefits under the Plan for the same Disability.

Maximum Benefit Period:

  • Off-the-Job: Up to 24 months for non-occupational injury or illness.
  • Up to age 65 for non-occupational disabilities if disabled from working any occupation.
  • On-the-Job: Up to 24 months for occupational injury or illness

Surviving Dependent Benefit: Six months of continued monthly benefits.

Learn More about our Disability Plans

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