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Have questions about your copays and benefits? Need ID cards? Here’s how to contact our providers. If you need additional help, the Trust staff is here to assist you at 1-800-468-6486.

Not sure about your health plan?

Active and Retired members can review your health plan choices by registering on my.calpers.ca.gov. If you are an active CCPOA member, you can also visit your personnel specialist to confirm your health plan enrollment.

CALPERS can be reached at 1-888-225-7377
Plan Name Phone Web / E-mail
CCPOA Medical Plan
(administered by Blue Shield of California)
CCPOA Member Services Unit -
(800) 257-6213
You can also find information about the plan on this website, including finding a provider
VSP - Vision Plan (800) 877-7195 www.vsp.com
First Dental Health Find a provider
(858) 689-0904
Western Dental Claudia Funderburg
(714) 571-3433
E-mail Link
U.S. Legal Services Dedicated CCPOA Member line:
1-844-896-5297 (LAWS)
US Legal website
Triada Insurance Joe Gonsalves,
CA Lic. 0C17875
Regional Benefit Specialist

E-mail Link

For best response, send Joe a text message:

Triada Agents
Direct Lines:

Jacques Alerte
(818) 571-1094

Colbey Gonsalves
(949) 887-4233

Conner Gonsalves
(949) 878-0351

Sam Kostich:
(916) 798-7821

Ken Marshall:
(949) 378-4572

Bob Walters:
(510) 750-5275

Steve Wright:
(805) 201-8875