What Is It?

The CCPOA Medical Plan provides you and your family a great plan with good rates and extensive care. The CCPOA Medical Plan has affordable rates, Teladoc®, 24/7 Nurseline®, the Wellvolution® reward program and a large network of providers – including Sutter in the greater Sacramento region, and providing members with network Chiropractic benefits.

The CCPOA Medical Plan is available only to CCPOA members and administered through Blue Shield of California.

Sign-up for the Medical Plan occur once a year during Open Enrollment, or upon graduation from the Academy as a new Correctional Officer.

Who Can Apply?

Rank and File; Supervisor; Retired

What Does It Cover?

Complete CCPOA Medical Plan documentation is available here, on our website.

The following Medical Plan documents are available for download:

  • E-Z Plan Summary. A quick, easy to read overview of the Medical Plan
  • The Evidence of Coverage (EOC). The complete medical plan document.
  • Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) for Medicare


Supervisor Member Info
As a supervisor, you do not receive three separate State contributions for your health, dental and vision benefits. Instead you receive a single monthly contribution from the State, a “Consolidated Benefit,” to help cover the cost of all three benefit programs.

Click here for CoBen information

Retired Member
Which Medical Plans are available to Retirees?

As a CCPOA retired chapter member living in a covered area, you are eligible for the CCPOA Medical Plan .

After age 65, you can participate in the CCPOA Medical Plan’s "Access+" Medicare Supplement .

Enrollment in medical is through CalPERS during either Open Enrollment or at the time of retirement.

If you don’t reside in a covered area or need information on vesting and state contributions, please contact CalPERS.

About Medicare Part D

Medicare requires that a Notice of Creditable Coverage (NoCC) be provided to all Medicare eligible individuals to help beneficiaries make a decision about enrolling or not enrolling in Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage.

Download the NoCC here

If you have questions or need assistance, please call CCPOA Medical Plan at: 1-800-257-6213
or the Trust at: 1-800-IN-UNIT-6

If you have any specific questions regarding the medical plan's benefits or coverage areas, please contact Debbie at the Trust.

Diabetes Prevention Program

You may be eligible for the Diabetes Prevention Program. This program can help you reduce your risk of developing type-2 diabetes.

Watch the Video.      Download the flyer.     Take a short quiz to see if you qualify.

Medical Plan Highlights

For a complete, easy to read summary of plan benefits, refer to the E-Z Plan Summary.

CCPOA Medical Plan – Summary of Covered Services
Category Description Member Copayment & Limitations
(includes blood and blood products - collection and storage of autologous blood)
$100 per admission
Outpatient (other than surgery) No Charge
Outpatient surgery (surgery performed in a Hospital or Outpatient Surgical Center) $50
Physician Services
Office Visits $15
Home Visits $15
Allergy Testing/Treatment No Charge
Inpatient Hospital Visits No Charge
Surgery/Anesthesia No Charge
Preventive Health No Charge
Diagnostic X-ray/Lab No Charge
Durable Medical Equipment
(including orthoses and prostheses)
No Charge
Pregnancy & Maternity
Prenatal and Postnatal Physician Office Visits
Family Planning Counseling
No Charge
Infertility Testing & Treatment 50% of Allowed Charges
Ambulance Services No Charge
Emergency Care/Services $75/visit – does not apply if hospitalized or kept for observation - if admitted, $100 per admission fee will apply
Urgent Services $15/visit, $25 outside service area
Home Health Services $15/visit - up to 100 visits per calendar year
Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapy No Charge
Skilled Nursing Care No Charge - up to 100 days per calendar year.
Hospice No Charge
Biofeedback $15/visit
Prescription Drugs $50 calendar year brand name drug deductible per Member, not to exceed $150 per family
Prescription Drugs Obtained at a Pharmacy $10 generic, $25 brand name, $50 non- Formulary/prescription - not to exceed a 30- day supply for short-term or acute illness.
Mail Service Prescription Drugs $20 generic, $50 brand name, $100 non- Formulary/prescription - not to exceed a 90- day supply for mail order drugs which are taken over long periods of time (maintenance drugs).
Specialty Drugs $50 per prescription
Chiropractic Services
Chiropractic Examination $15/visit - up to 20 visits per calendar year.
Diagnostic Services for Chiropractic Care No Charge
Chiropractic Appliances (up to a maximum of $50
is covered during a calendar year)
No Charge

Find an in-network Doctor
Search Blue Shield of California's extensive provider network.

To find a Chiropractor in the provider network call 1-800-678-9133

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