What Is It?

The CCPOA Medical Plan provides you and your family a great plan with good rates and extensive care. The CCPOA Medical Plan has affordable rates, Teladoc®, 24/7 Nurseline®, the Wellvolution® program and a large network of providers, and providing members with network Chiropractic benefits.

The CCPOA Medical Plan is available only to CCPOA members and administered through Blue Shield of California.

Sign-up for the Medical Plan occur once a year during Open Enrollment, or upon graduation from the Academy as a new Correctional Officer.

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Who Can Apply?

Rank and File; Supervisor; Retired

What Does It Cover?

Complete CCPOA Medical Plan documentation is available here, on our website.

The following Medical Plan documents are available for download:

  • E-Z Plan Summary. A quick, easy to read overview of the Medical Plan
  • The Evidence of Coverage (EOC). The complete medical plan document.
  • Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) for Medicare


Supervisor Member Info
As a supervisor, you do not receive three separate State contributions for your health, dental and vision benefits. Instead you receive a single monthly contribution from the State, a “Consolidated Benefit,” to help cover the cost of all three benefit programs.

Click here for CoBen information

Retired Member
Which Medical Plans are available to Retirees?

As a CCPOA retired chapter member living in a covered area, you are eligible for the CCPOA Medical Plan .

After age 65, you can participate in the CCPOA Medical Plan’s "Access+" Medicare Supplement .

Enrollment in medical is through CalPERS during either Open Enrollment or at the time of retirement.

If you don’t reside in a covered area or need information on vesting and state contributions, please contact CalPERS.

If you have questions or need assistance, please call CCPOA Medical Plan at: 1-800-257-6213
or the Trust at: 1-800-IN-UNIT-6

If you have any specific questions regarding the medical plan's benefits or coverage areas, please contact Debbie Johnson at (800) 468-6486.

Diabetes Prevention Program

You may be eligible for the Diabetes Prevention Program. This program can help you reduce your risk of developing type-2 diabetes.

Watch the Video.      Download the flyer.     Take a short quiz to see if you qualify.

Medical Plan Highlights

For a complete, easy to read summary of plan benefits, refer to the E-Z Plan Summary.

CCPOA Medical Plan – Summary of Covered Services
Category Description Member Copayment & Limitations
(includes blood and blood products - collection and storage of autologous blood)
$100 per admission
Outpatient (other than surgery) No Charge
Outpatient surgery (surgery performed in a Hospital or Outpatient Surgical Center) $50
Physician Services
Office Visits $15
Home Visits $15
Allergy Testing/Treatment No Charge
Inpatient Hospital Visits No Charge
Surgery/Anesthesia No Charge
Preventive Health No Charge
Diagnostic X-ray/Lab No Charge
Durable Medical Equipment
(including orthoses and prostheses)
No Charge
Pregnancy & Maternity
Prenatal and Postnatal Physician Office Visits
Family Planning Counseling
No Charge
Infertility Testing & Treatment 50% of Allowed Charges
Ambulance Services No Charge
Emergency Care/Services $75/visit – does not apply if hospitalized or kept for observation - if admitted, $100 per admission fee will apply
Urgent Services $15/visit, $25 outside service area
Home Health Services $15/visit - up to 100 visits per calendar year
Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapy No Charge
Skilled Nursing Care No Charge - up to 100 days per calendar year.
Hospice No Charge
Biofeedback $15/visit
Prescription Drugs $50 calendar year brand name drug deductible per Member, not to exceed $150 per family
Prescription Drugs Obtained at a Pharmacy $10 generic, $25 brand name, $50 non- Formulary/prescription - not to exceed a 30- day supply for short-term or acute illness.
Mail Service Prescription Drugs $20 generic, $50 brand name, $100 non- Formulary/prescription - not to exceed a 90- day supply for mail order drugs which are taken over long periods of time (maintenance drugs).
Specialty Drugs $50 per prescription
Chiropractic Services
Chiropractic Examination $15/visit - up to 20 visits per calendar year.
Diagnostic Services for Chiropractic Care No Charge
Chiropractic Appliances (up to a maximum of $50
is covered during a calendar year)
No Charge

Find an in-network Doctor
Search Blue Shield of California's extensive provider network.

To find a Chiropractor in the provider network call 1-800-678-9133

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