Western Dental is the cost saving choice!

CCPOA Members in most areas must have Western Dental Plan for the first year of employment.

After completion of the 12 months, members may choose to stay enrolled or elect the Primary Dental Program.

Since 1998 Western Dental Plan has been the cost-effective dental plan offered through the Trust.  To take advantage of all the Western Dental Plan offers, you must be assigned to one of the contracted Independent Dental Providers or a Western Dental owned and operated center.

The Western Dental Plan provides you with preventive care at no cost to you, and low or no co-payments on major services, including Implants. The Western Dental Plan has no claim forms to complete, no deductibles to meet, and no annual maximum to limit the amount of covered treatment you can receive each year.

Western Dental Plan’s network of over 3,000 dentists includes Company-owned and operated Western Dental Offices along with a large network of privately contracted dentists.

Western Dental Plan offices can provide your family with wide array of services including oral surgery, endodontics, pediatric dentistry, and orthodontics (braces) all in convenient locations that are opening evenings and weekends!

You don’t need to switch. Get it your first year. Keep it throughout your whole career.


Supervisor Member Info

Supervisor members are eligible for Western Dental
Member = $37.00
Member+1 = $79.00
Family = $135.00

DPA SO6 Memo

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Retired Member

Bargaining Unit Six dental programs are not currently available to Retired members through the Benefit Trust.

Retired BU6 Members have Dental Benefits through CalPERS. Click here to learn about Retired Dental options.

Brochures & Applications

No need to apply. All new C/Os arre assigned Western Dental during the first year of employment.

You will complete your enrollment forms in the personnel office when you arrive at your facility.

After your first year, you may choose CCPOA Dental.

Find a Western Dental Plan Provider: Click Here

Western Dental Plan has enhanced its benefits to provide more coverage to its CCPOA members.

Now serving CCPOA Members with Private Practice locations in Blythe, Cal-City, Susanville and Crescent City!

  • Dental Implants Services (available only at the Western Dental Implant Centers)
  • Orthodontic coverage Adults and Children (co payment reduced)
  • Full range of family, specialty, cosmetic, and orthodontic services at our Western Dental Centers.
  • Western Dental Centers in Arizona now included.
  • State-of-the-art technology and systems, including digital x-rays and paperless offices.
  • Saturday and evening appointments.
  • The largest Quality Management and patient safety program in the state.
  • High caliber, trained professionals to assure High Quality Patient Care.
  • Availability of family appointments – we understand that time is a precious commodity and we can schedule multiple family members at the same time, thereby eliminating multiple trips to the dental office.
  • Crowns- Porcelain on Molars, noble and high noble metal (additional co-payment applies)
  • Zoom Whitening (where available)
  • No annual maximum
  • Online access
  • Comprehensive dental benefits with no deductibles and no claims forms
  • Full network of private practice dentist and Western Dental owned and operated centers
  • Full Family Dentistry

Many procedures are covered 100%


Active: $0.00 monthly


Questions regarding your dental coverage?

Contact Western Dental Benefits Division toll free number: 1-800-992-3366