CCPOA Primary Dental Plan

Primary Dental+First Dental Health
EPO/PPO Network.

A cost-savings alternative to traditional dental insurance.

Primary Dental: Coverage when you want a wider range of dental providers. Choose any provider you wish, Primary Dental pays a percentage of the costs.

Traditional Coverage: You may select any dentist anywhere in the world. The plan sets limits (usual and customary amounts) that it will pay for each type of dental treatment. You are responsible for paying any remaining balance that might be due based upon the type of dental treatment received. A premium co-payment is deducted from your monthly pay warrant.

First Dental Health: is a cost saving network that is a part of Primary Dental Plan. Select a First Dental Health provider and save.

PPO Network
What does PPO mean? Preferred Provider Organization.
FDH providers follow a contracted fee schedule for the service they provide.

EPO Network
What does EPO mean? Exclusive Provider Organization.
The FDH EPO program, provides the patient with a greater reduced fee for service, in this smaller, exclusive network. Finding a dentist is easy.

To find a FDH dental provider in your area, simply log onto the website at

Smile, you’re saving money!


Supervisor Member Info

Supervisor members are eligible for Primary Dental.
Member = $37.00
Member+1 = $79.00
Family = $135.00

DPA SO6 Memo

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Retired Member

Bargaining Unit Six dental programs are not currently available to Retired members through the Benefit Trust.

Retired BU6 Members have Dental Benefits through CalPERS. Click here to learn about Retired Dental options.

Brochures & Applications

Choose CCPOA Dental during Open Enrollment.

Primary Dental Brochure

Primary Dental Plan Highlights

First Dental Health EPO/PPO Network
Exclusions and Limitations

Benefits will not be provided in connection with the following:

Cosmetic - Services performed for cosmetic purposes, unless performed for correction of functional disorders or as a result of an accidental injury occurring while you were covered under this plan.

Treatment of TMJ - Diagnosis or treatment by any method or any condition related to the temporomandibular joint (jaw) or associated musculature, nerves and other tissue.

Experimental/Investigational - Experimental or investigational procedures and/or procedures not fully approved by the American Dental Association.

Allowable Charges - Any amount in excess of the allowable charges as determined under the Program.

Not Medically Necessary - any services or supplies which in the opinion of the CCPOA BTF are not medically necessary as defined in the Summary Program Description.

For more information on Primary Dental
or enrollment procedures,
please contact the Trust at:
1-800 IN UNIT 6

Pre-Authorization for Primary Dental

If your dental work will cost more than $300, ask your dentist to report the anticipated treatment and charges before work is started. The pre-authorization is prepared by the CCPOA Benefit Trust Fund and returned to your dentist with the amount to be paid by the Program. You will receive a copy of the pre-authorization by mail .


Active: $0.00 monthly

To find a FDH dental provider in your area, simply log onto: