$20,000 Basic Life Insurance

What Is It?

As a Bargaining Unit Six member, you are automatically entitled to a $20,000 group life insurance benefit and an automatic $10,000 life insurance benefit for your spouse.

There is no underwriting or premium because the Association has paid for it through collective bargaining.

As of 1/1/08, a $20,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefit has been added to the CCPOA member coverage (does not apply to spouse benefit.)

Who Can Apply?

Fairshare; Rank and File; Supervisor
Enrollment is automatic.

What Does it Cost?

$0.00 out-of-pocket member cost.

Underwritten by: New York Life Insurance Company
51 Madison Avenue, NY NY 10010
Bates # 1710192


Supervisor Member Info
Yes, Supervisors have this coverage.
Retired Member
You must be a member of the CCPOA Retired Chapter to be eligible for programs offered through the Trust.

$10,000 Retired Basic Life Insurance

($2,000 spouse) – No underwriting required

Reduces at age 60 to $5,000 member ($1,000 spouse)

This insurance is provided to all former Active Bargaining Unit Six members who join the Retired Chapter within 90 days of retirement. If you join after 90 days there is a one year wait for the retired basic group life insurance. This wait does not apply to other retiree programs offered through the Trust.

Brochures & Applications

No Application Needed. All CCPOA and BU6 Members receive this coverage automatically.

For more information: Call the Benefit Trust Fund.

Forms & Documents

This coverage is provided at no additional charge to all BU6 members, because the Association has paid for it through collective bargaining.