$5,000 Accidental Death

Active BU6 members are offered an Accidental Death insurance program, premium free. No hidden fees. No catch.

What Is It?

A free benefit that pays your beneficiary Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000) upon your death as a result of a accident.

The program provides coverage in addition to other insurance or ERISA benefits which may be payable upon your Accidental Death.

Who Can Apply?

Fairshare; Rank and File; Supervisor

The only qualification you need is to be in Bargaining Unit Six, or a Supervisory CCPOA Member.

  • NO underwriting.
  • NO premium.
  • NO age restrictions.

What Does it Cost?

$0.00 out-of-pocket member cost


Supervisor Member Info

Yes, Supervisors have this benefit.

Retired Member

This coverage is not available for Retired members.

Brochures & Applications

No application necessary. All CCPOA members have automatic coverage.

Forms & Documents

No claim form available.
Contact the Trust for help with filing a claim.

Summary Program Description

Nothing. This coverage is a negoiated benefit with your BU6 membership.
Upgrade to full Accidental Death coverage. Find out more.