Get the iCrisis App. Attend an MHA Class Event.
We suggest both.

The Benefit Trust Fund, along with the CCPOA are taking an active role in promoting mental health for all our members. Starting in March we are relaunching a series of free events we’re calling “Mental Health Awareness.” The events will focus on help and assistance to our fellow officers who may be facing mental hard-ships.

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The BTF / iCrisis App

A Crisis Doesn’t Wait. Neither Should Help.

As part of our ongoing Mental Health Awareness program, the Trust is offering you and your family the iCrisis App.
Free of charge. 

This app is one tap, completely confidential, 24/7. 

Accredited hotlines answer the calls and create a safety plan for the caller, with followup if needed.

How to get your free iCrisis App:

Download the iCrisis Guide


Why Should I Attend? There’s a Cost, Right?

These trainings are an opportunity to learn how to combat issues you may face on the day-to-day at work.

We see these as supplemental to required IST, and encourage you to bring your significant other.

There is no cost to attend, we only ask that you pre-register online.

*NOTICE* These events deal with mature subject matter, and may be disturbing to children.
No one under 18 admitted.

Registration opens approximately 4 weeks ahead of each event.

We’ll be sending out post cards letting you know the dates and locations of the events nearest you. And because we are C/Os too, we’ll make sure you get plenty of free food – we’ll provide a full breakfast and some nice swag for those in attendance.

In addition, members that register through the website will receive a "Speaker/Cooler" donated by Blue Shield of California, and all in attendance will be entered into a drawing for an Apple Watch donated by Adams, Ferrone & Ferrone.

Keep an eye on your mail, and we'll let you know when we will be in your area.

Special Thanks to All our Partners
CCPOA; Blue Shield of California; California Chaplain Corps; Ferone & Ferone; U.S. Legal Services
Learn more about the Law Enforcement Mental Health Bill