Crisis Prevention

A focus on Mental Health & Wellness

Along with CDCR Human Resources, Office of Employee Health and Wellness , the CCPOA and the Benefit Trust Fund are taking an active role in promoting mental health and crisis prevention.

The warning sign says it all - and the impact can be huge. It effects everybody in some way, and it takes its toll on you, your partner, family members and co-workers. And it's something that people don't want to talk about, let alone admit that it affects them.

We want to change that. If you learn to spot the signs of stress you can be the one that helps your partner or yourself.

CDCR Human Resources, Office of Employee Health and Wellness is partnering with Desert Waters Correctional Outreach to provide support services to our members. The Trust is also hosting a series of free Health & Wellness classes, open to our members and their families.

Desert Waters Correctional Outreach is a Colorado-based 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation founded in 2003 with the mission to promote the occupational, personal and family well-being of the corrections workforce.

Research shows that public safety personnel are negatively affected by their routine exposure to occupational stressors. The toll of such repeated exposure includes impaired job performance, high sick leave use, professional misconduct, high turnover, physical illnesses, mental health conditions, and suicide. These negative consequences inevitably translate into multi-faceted high costs to individuals, families, and organizations.


Employee Health & Wellness provides peer support and employee wellness programs to CDCR staff, as well as policy and testing support to the department.

CDCR's Employee Health & Wellness

Desert Waters

Desert Waters specializes in the wellness of corrections agencies and corrections staff of all disciplines.

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